Key features

    • Easy to install

      Clearly marked terminals and crystal clear instructions make this a simple install. dip switch selectors inside the panel make setting up the unit ready for use, a simple task.

    • Simple to use

      Straightforward LED display and clear instructions make using the GSS a breeze

    • Complete safety

      Key switch start to prevent tampering, onboard and remote emergency stop buttons, automatic detection of downstream leaks and open gas valves to prevent dangerous gas leak situations

    • Standards compliant

      2 Zones of gas detection enable explosive gas and noxious gas detection for internal boiler rooms. BB100 auto restart after mains failure.

    • Guaranteed

      5 year guarantee as standard

More about the Boiler Room GSS

The GSS provides a simple to install system where thermal links, emergency stops, gas detectors and fire alarm signals can be brought together and combined into one cost effective and compliant system.  The system has been designed to facilitate the use of industry standard gas detectors. Either switched input or 0-10v inputs can be connected to the 2 zones of gas detection.  Zone labels are provided to mark the gas detector type connected.    

The GSS can be set to automatically restart the gas supply after a mains failure of on the resetting of the buildings fire alarm system.  The system will blend seamlessly with boiler controls and can signal the boiler control system after the successful connection of the gas supply.  This eliminates boiler lockouts experienced with other such systems on the market.

All these features make the GSS the only logical choice for boiler room gas safety


GSS boiler room 581 KB

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