Key features

    • Simple to use

      Straight forward LED display and clear instructions make using the GDMS a breeze. Simple easy to use “pots” on the main PCB adjust the alarm set points

    • Complete safety

      Onboard emergency stop. Terminals for thermal link inputs, fire and remote estop. outputs for alarm sounder and indicator beacon

    • Full control

      Keyswitch authorisation can be easily added or requested at the time of order. Relay out puts for thermal link operated, alarm and pre-alarm.

    • Adaptable

      choose 1,2,3 or 4 zones and the type of input 0-10v, switched or 4-20ma with simple, internal dip switches

    • Guaranteed

      5 year 'back to base' guarantee

More about the GDMS

The Intelligas GDMS system provides a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to gas detection requirements. Its suitable for use in boiler rooms, laboratories and many other applications. The system can power and interpret signals from most industry standard detectors. 0-10v, 4-20ma and switched.

Optional automatic restart after mains failure ensures continuation of gas service to heating and hot water plant in the boiler room. Strobe and sounder outputs ensure external signalling and the relay outputs of the system status make this control panel an extremely flexible solution to gas detection control.

Simple to use “pots” on the main PCB adjust the pre-alarm and alarm set points. Relay outputs provided can signal the operation of thermal links, this could be used to signal an I/O unit on the fire alarm system. Other relay outputs are pre-alarm and full alarm. These could be used to report the systems status to a BMS.


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