Key features

    • Easy to install

      Clearly marked terminals and crystal clear instructions make this a simple install. dip switch selectors inside the panel make setting up the unit ready for use, a simple task.

    • Simple to use

      Straightforward LED display and clear instructions make using the EGIP a breeze

    • Complete safety

      Key switch start to prevent tampering, onboard and remote emergency stop buttons, automatic detection of downstream leaks and open gas valves to prevent dangerous gas leak situations

    • Standards compliant

      IGE/UP/11 compliance when used with a form od CO2 detection.  This system can also directly control ventilation fans for on demand CO2 control

    • Guaranteed

      5 year guarantee as standard

More about the EGIP - Lab

The EGIP is a gas proving that is the leading product in its class.  Adaptable, versatile and at home in any location.

It can provide interlocks for fan proving, emergency stop, fire alarm and also has a timer selectable / adjustable auxiliary interlock to ensure all bases are covered.

With its powerful processor and industry standard outputs, it can regulate fan speeds dependant on atmospheric conditions and ensure that the learning environment is kept safe for teachers and students.


EGIP Sheet Web2 179 KB

Engineers Pocket Installation Guide EGIP2 191 KB

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