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Intelligas has over 10 years experience in manufacturing gas safety systems.  Our gas interlock systems and gas proving systems are intuitive, simple to install and above all, extremely reliable.

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Why use Intelligas?

Save money, prevent downtime, keep your premises safe and feel secure with our 24-hour technical helpline - there are many reasons to choose us.

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Bespoke safety

If you're looking for something off the shelf then Intelligas have all the bases covered.  If it's something a little more made to measure, perhaps with different fire or shut down routines then we can help there too.

Bespoke systems

Restaurants, cafés & kitchens

Looking for a gas interlock system to help you meet BS6173 & IGE/UP/19?

We've got something for every budget - from the economical to the comprehensive.

Every model is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly.


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School, university & educational laboratories

Our laboratory systems have been designed to aid compliance with IGE/UP/11 & BB101.

A variety of systems to suit every budget and technical requirement. 


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Boiler room Systems

Our comprehensive boiler room gas detection and safety system is tailored exclusively for use in boiler rooms.

The GSS covers all bases including gas detection, BB100 and many other interlock input choices.

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